31. heinäkuuta 2013


So basically I shot a whole London haul the other day and today I started editing it just to realize I'd lost half of my footage :| so I'll have to shoot the whole thing again.. this is more challenging than I tought :D anyway I turned eighteen last sunday (hurray!). I had a nice evening with my friends. It was kinda nice spending my b-day only with my friends tho it was still a bit weird that my mom and my brothers weren't home. (Yeah they went to Tallinn for a few days without me haha) So it was just me and my friends. When you think about it your best friends are like another family at least for me and I share many things with them that I don't even sometimes share with my "real family". yeah soo I'm gonna edit all the London photos soon I promise x Have a nice week ppl! :-)

that day when I finally turned eighteen+ my girl Milja ♥

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