29. lokakuuta 2013

15. lokakuuta 2013

Autumn break

Hello peeps! I am currently drinking tea and enjoying our little autumn break :-) We're having a week of from school yay! My second school period only contains finnish and english lessons so it's not too bad but it's still nice to have some time to relax after the crazy first period. We did a roadtrip to Espoo to a friends' housewarming party like I told earlier and it was a interesting and fun trip. I posted some funny photos to my instagram account (anja_elina) haha :D don't take them too seriously!

Before the trip I did my usual thing aka went to fleamarkets and actually did a few really really great finds! I found my size genuine leather ankle boots for only two fifty! I also bought a blue velvet jumper for one euro and a oversized grey printed t-shirt (which I really like!) for two. I am pretty sure that at this point at least 50 % of my wardrobe are 2nd hand  haha :-D I just think it's cool to have unique and different pieces!

This morning I went for a long walk and after that I made some oatmeal pancakes. Let me just say that I have found a new favourite breakfast! The recepie I used can be found from here. It's healthy and nutritious recepie and tastes like heaven! I put some apples and syrup on the top. yummy!!

Anyway that's all for now and have a nice week everyone ☺

Current book I'm reading: In abundance of Katherines by John Green
Current favourite track: Strange birds by Birdy

7. lokakuuta 2013

life and london

I just realized that I'm already planning my next London trip and still haven't made the post about the last one.. whoops! It's just that I have about 800 photos from the last time and it's really difficult to choose which one I should put up on here. I'll make the post some day but maybe even about the next London trip 'cause I won't be staying there as long as the last time so I'll have fewer pictures to edit :-D
Only 32 days to go now! It's the first time I'm flying alone, first time I'm exploring a new country with a friend (if Tallinn and Stockholm doesn't count :-D), first time I'm going to see Vampire weekend live, first time in Birmingham.. A lot of first times I guess! That makes the upcoming trip so exciting!!
I already had almost a week long school-free period and next week we're having an autumn break yay. I've had enough of watching tv-series on the internet and laying on the sofa doing nothing so I have the whole week planned out. Finally I have time to see many of my good friends properly and also visit my dad. We're heading to southern Finland next saturday for our friends' housewarming party and It's gonna be a hell of a roadtrip I'm telling ya :-D Also next week we've got some girls' nights planned out and maybe going hiking to Koli again with my mom. I just loved it last time and I felt like I didn't have enough time to enjoy the peace of nature. One thing that's a little bit scary.. I'm gonna have to start preparing my university applications soon, write my personal statemens and get letters of recommendations etc. It's just crazy how I'm already at this point of life. Did I mention that I'm taking part to a project called "meatless october"? Well you get the idea so I'm a vegetarian for now haha! I really like vegetarian dishes and I've been thinking of leaving red meat completely out of my diet even after october. There's also another diet thing.. and this is a promise! I'm not eating chocolate untill christmas starting from this moment. Healthier lifestyle here I come!!

woah so that's a lot of information for one post. Actually you know what.. I'm gonna upload some London pictures right now!

chilling at Hyde park!

2. lokakuuta 2013

Happy october!

Hey guys! I can't believe it's october already! This whole year has gone so fast. My second last term at high school starts next week. It's just absurd to me how much has happened in such a short time.

Anyways we went photographing with Milja today. It was a little bit rainy and windy.. and chilly but guess what! I've finally learned the secrets of layering :-D My 2nd hand 1 € coatigan is really really warm and comfy with any of my collar blouses and looks really nice if you ask me! I don't know why but I'm really lookign forward to winter this year. (I can't wait for christmas.. ♥) haha okay maybe I'm getting a little bit too excited too early! Either way, Happy october ppl! ☺☺

Coatigan: 2nd hand - Stripe blouse: 2nd hand - Jeans: BikBok - Socks: Lindex - Scarf: H&M

Genuine leather backpack: 2nd hand