30. syyskuuta 2013


It's that time of the year again! Time to put on soft warm wolly socks, light some candles and enjoy a huge cup of tea. It's really autumn and I love it! I've found a new perspective and I'm going to do some serious layering with my style this year. That would mean that I don't have to hate the cold anymore! I can enjoy the warmth of my sweaters and wolly socks ♥ I'm having the rest of the week off so I'll have time to do some photographing. Leaves are changing and this whole town is soon to be in the colors of autumn.

I've been thinking why it is so important to stop and enjoy the moment and I got this thought.. Everybody wants something and as soon as they get it they move on to wanting something else and we cannot be satisfied and therefore be one hundred percent happy. But when we stop for a moment, just for a moment we stop wanting for things and concentrate in the now and that is when one can be truly and purely happy. So love, stop and enjoy the moment. I know I am.

26. syyskuuta 2013


I admit it. I am totally obsessed with stripes, polka dots and collar blouses. I've bought so many stripy and dotty pieces lately I'm fearing that soon my whole wardrobe is all about those :-D I've been 2nd hand shopping a lot lately. I actually had a bit of a style identity crisis for a month or two but now I feel like I've gotten back to track! This fall is all about chunky soft knits, layering and cute patterned socks ♥ My current key pieces are my black high waisted jeans and fjallraven backpack.

Now what have I found from fleamarkets.. Like I said.. It's all about stripes, dots and collar blouses. Also I got some warm knits and bags.. These three pieces in the first picture are anyways my favourite ones! The blouses are made of really soft and comfy material and the "coatigan" is just adorable with any top!

H&M collar blouse - 2nd hand - 2e

Polka dot collar blouse - 2nd hand - 3,5 e

Harvest London coatigan - 2nd hand  - 1 e

Genuine leather backpack - 2nd hand - 8 e

Leather satchel - 2nd hand - 4 e

DIY shorts of Levi's jeans - 2nd hand - 0,75 e

Vintage floral shorts - 2nd hand - 2e

Knitted jumper - 2nd hand - 1 e

Stripe miniskirt - Lindex

25. syyskuuta 2013

best things about life

Hey guys! It's done. Finally my matriculation exams are over! At least for the next six months.. Exams went well and I'm so relieved right now. I had a total stress overload for weeks and for the first time in a while I can really relax without having to think about studies! I've done a lot of fleamarket shopping lately so I'm gonna have a huge post about that in a day or two :) This friday we're gonna celebrate and have fun with my friends. It's been a while since we've had a girls' night so that's gonna be fun! 

At the moment I'm feeling kinda happy. I'm not stressing about anything and I've been rediscovering my style and my identity. It's interesting to see how I've changed during the summer and I'm only noticing it now when there's change in the air. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Also there are so many upcoming things to be excited about this fall and I don't even mind the cold. I've really been enjoying the little things in life. Every day there are reasons to smile and feel happy ☺ Life is just generally good! 

Best things about life at the moment:
-upcoming trip to England (and to Emmi ♥)

photos tomorrow! :-))

13. syyskuuta 2013

Back to England

Hey guys! I've been super stressed out about my matriculation exams (coming up next monday..). I haven't gotten enough sleep and basically I'm freaking out rn. I still have some studying to do this weekend but... guess what? I'm going back to England in November!! It's real now! I booked my flights today and I'm really looking forward to my trip! The poin of the trip is to visit my dear friend Emmi who's currently working as an au-pair there. We're gonna visit London of course and also we got tickets to a Vampire Weekend gig in Birmingham (omg can't wait) so I'm really excited ☺☺☺ I'm gonna get back to blogging as soon as my exams are over! Hang in there ppl :)) Have a nice weekend everyone ♥