26. syyskuuta 2013


I admit it. I am totally obsessed with stripes, polka dots and collar blouses. I've bought so many stripy and dotty pieces lately I'm fearing that soon my whole wardrobe is all about those :-D I've been 2nd hand shopping a lot lately. I actually had a bit of a style identity crisis for a month or two but now I feel like I've gotten back to track! This fall is all about chunky soft knits, layering and cute patterned socks ♥ My current key pieces are my black high waisted jeans and fjallraven backpack.

Now what have I found from fleamarkets.. Like I said.. It's all about stripes, dots and collar blouses. Also I got some warm knits and bags.. These three pieces in the first picture are anyways my favourite ones! The blouses are made of really soft and comfy material and the "coatigan" is just adorable with any top!

H&M collar blouse - 2nd hand - 2e

Polka dot collar blouse - 2nd hand - 3,5 e

Harvest London coatigan - 2nd hand  - 1 e

Genuine leather backpack - 2nd hand - 8 e

Leather satchel - 2nd hand - 4 e

DIY shorts of Levi's jeans - 2nd hand - 0,75 e

Vintage floral shorts - 2nd hand - 2e

Knitted jumper - 2nd hand - 1 e

Stripe miniskirt - Lindex

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  1. ´Jos joskus kyllästyt tohon H&M:n raitapaitaan niin myy mulle! :)

    1. If I ever do ;) Pidän mielessä! :D