30. syyskuuta 2013


It's that time of the year again! Time to put on soft warm wolly socks, light some candles and enjoy a huge cup of tea. It's really autumn and I love it! I've found a new perspective and I'm going to do some serious layering with my style this year. That would mean that I don't have to hate the cold anymore! I can enjoy the warmth of my sweaters and wolly socks ♥ I'm having the rest of the week off so I'll have time to do some photographing. Leaves are changing and this whole town is soon to be in the colors of autumn.

I've been thinking why it is so important to stop and enjoy the moment and I got this thought.. Everybody wants something and as soon as they get it they move on to wanting something else and we cannot be satisfied and therefore be one hundred percent happy. But when we stop for a moment, just for a moment we stop wanting for things and concentrate in the now and that is when one can be truly and purely happy. So love, stop and enjoy the moment. I know I am.

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