29. elokuuta 2013

Your eyes they shine so bright, I wanna save that light

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post... sorry for that! My matriculation exams are coming up and I've been studying like crazy (atleast I'm telling myself I have :-D) and it takes the most of my free time. Anyway I've been loving school for some reason :-) Our senior year has started with some nice events. We baptized our freshmen to our school which is a tradition. Our theme was horror and me and my friends were dressed up as zombies! It was a blast! I posted a picture on my instagram: anja_elina. My conservatory studies has also started again. This year I'm taking singing lessons, band and history of music. I'm really realy excited about this year and future overall. Can't wait to see what life has to offer!
I've spent this evening packing and cooking for our hiking trip tomorrow. I'm definetly not the person who goes hiking but it's an optional school trip so we're gonna go and have some fun with the gang in the forest :-D I'm trying to take some more ootd pictures in the future. Here is my yesterday's denim-denim outfit :) I really loved it myself and especially the statement necklace I got from the sales. Have a nice weekend everyone! ♥

Skirt: Cubus - Vest: Primark - Sneakers: Converse

13. elokuuta 2013

Color splash

Bought this super awesome dress (and earlier these awesome white sunnies) from Anna and I absolutely love it! ♥ Today was the first day of my last year in high school and I have to admit that it's nice to be back. I haven't really seen some of my friends at all during the summer and it's so nice to hang out with them! So here's my back to school look. yay!

11. elokuuta 2013


Knitted happiness

Our short trip to Kuopio was very nice and I found what I was looking for. Two soft and comfy knitted sweaters (+I got third one from my mom) ♥ Even though I looove summer I feel kinda happy that it's autumn soon. When a new school year starts it feels like it's new year and you get to start from a fresh table. Unfortunately that feeling fades away too quickly when the actual school work and stress begins but oh well at least I can enjoy this happiness for a couple of days ☺ Have a happy week everyone! ♥

ps. I'm starting to edit London photos right now ☺

9. elokuuta 2013

Gotta keep moving

There are exactly three days left of summer 2013. I feel like I'm ready to start my "senior" year but a part of me doesn't want this amazing summer to end. ever. But oh well that's just how it goes. Life keeps on moving and you gotta move too because there's no way to stop. This is a huge cliche but life is like a rollercoaster and it's up to you whether you scream or put your hands up and enjoy the ride. For me that saying is just so accurate. I believe that one's life is what one makes out of it so today I'm deciding to smile and enjoy these last awesome days of vacation ☺ Tomorrow we are heading to Kuopio and IKEA (once again) and I can't wait to get some new comfy and warm sweaters for the fall. I seriously don't have any warm clothes and I'm always freezing during the finnish winter so this time I'll be prepared!! Also it's always nice to get some cheap decorating stuff from IKEA ^^I hope you all have a nice weekend!♥

Jumpsuit: ONLY - Knitted kimono: Lindex - Backpack: Urban outfitters
“The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and take the risk of living out their dreams – each according to his or her own talent.” -Paul Coelho: Valkyries-

:* ♥

5. elokuuta 2013

Hair heaven

Hey so school starts in a week. It's crazy how fast these years have gone by.. It's like I just started high school and now I'm starting my third and last year! I'm really excited about the future and I can't wait to find out where will I be in a year from now. woah.. anyaways our finals are also coming up and I've been already stressing about them and studying like crazy. Altough I actually find hisrtory interesting even as a school subject there's a LOT to learn in these seven books. Well all I can do is do my best and that'll have to do :D but I didn't come here to write this post about school. As you guys know I cut my hair short last spring and I've been kinda struggling with it during the summer.. but now I've found two amazing hair products! (haha) I wouldn't advertise if I didn't really recommend these. So I ran out of my four reasons spray hair powder and also regular hairspray. I went to buy some and decided to try different brands this time. I got Swartzkopf got2b roking it hairspray and powder'ful hairpowder and I've been extremely satisfied with these two! Basically this is the best hairspray I've ever tried and I'm a huge hairspray consumer trust me :-D

and this is what these do to your hair. Love me some seriously fluffy hair!♥
ps. Gonna do the London photo editing soon.. (hopefully!) and sorry for the pixelated photo I took with my phone ☺

4. elokuuta 2013


Hey guys! I've had a really interesting but also very wistful weekend. I checked out this alternative night club in our town and I gotta say that I loved it there! Good music, good company.. what else can you wish for? Anyway I also had to say too many goodbyes since few of my dearest friends are moving away :( but thank god the modern technology! and I'm definetly gonna visit them. I don't know if any of you are reading this but I wish all the good for you all! ♥

ps. we had an ancient rome and greek inspired party so here's some photos of my outift!