9. elokuuta 2013

Gotta keep moving

There are exactly three days left of summer 2013. I feel like I'm ready to start my "senior" year but a part of me doesn't want this amazing summer to end. ever. But oh well that's just how it goes. Life keeps on moving and you gotta move too because there's no way to stop. This is a huge cliche but life is like a rollercoaster and it's up to you whether you scream or put your hands up and enjoy the ride. For me that saying is just so accurate. I believe that one's life is what one makes out of it so today I'm deciding to smile and enjoy these last awesome days of vacation ☺ Tomorrow we are heading to Kuopio and IKEA (once again) and I can't wait to get some new comfy and warm sweaters for the fall. I seriously don't have any warm clothes and I'm always freezing during the finnish winter so this time I'll be prepared!! Also it's always nice to get some cheap decorating stuff from IKEA ^^I hope you all have a nice weekend!♥

Jumpsuit: ONLY - Knitted kimono: Lindex - Backpack: Urban outfitters
“The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and take the risk of living out their dreams – each according to his or her own talent.” -Paul Coelho: Valkyries-

:* ♥

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  1. Love the outfit!! So colorful!! Unique!! Check out our fun styles which you will love!!


    xx, The Golden Girls

  2. Ihanuutta. :)

    Ei anneta kesän lähteä sydämistämme!