5. elokuuta 2013

Hair heaven

Hey so school starts in a week. It's crazy how fast these years have gone by.. It's like I just started high school and now I'm starting my third and last year! I'm really excited about the future and I can't wait to find out where will I be in a year from now. woah.. anyaways our finals are also coming up and I've been already stressing about them and studying like crazy. Altough I actually find hisrtory interesting even as a school subject there's a LOT to learn in these seven books. Well all I can do is do my best and that'll have to do :D but I didn't come here to write this post about school. As you guys know I cut my hair short last spring and I've been kinda struggling with it during the summer.. but now I've found two amazing hair products! (haha) I wouldn't advertise if I didn't really recommend these. So I ran out of my four reasons spray hair powder and also regular hairspray. I went to buy some and decided to try different brands this time. I got Swartzkopf got2b roking it hairspray and powder'ful hairpowder and I've been extremely satisfied with these two! Basically this is the best hairspray I've ever tried and I'm a huge hairspray consumer trust me :-D

and this is what these do to your hair. Love me some seriously fluffy hair!♥
ps. Gonna do the London photo editing soon.. (hopefully!) and sorry for the pixelated photo I took with my phone ☺

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