15. lokakuuta 2013

Autumn break

Hello peeps! I am currently drinking tea and enjoying our little autumn break :-) We're having a week of from school yay! My second school period only contains finnish and english lessons so it's not too bad but it's still nice to have some time to relax after the crazy first period. We did a roadtrip to Espoo to a friends' housewarming party like I told earlier and it was a interesting and fun trip. I posted some funny photos to my instagram account (anja_elina) haha :D don't take them too seriously!

Before the trip I did my usual thing aka went to fleamarkets and actually did a few really really great finds! I found my size genuine leather ankle boots for only two fifty! I also bought a blue velvet jumper for one euro and a oversized grey printed t-shirt (which I really like!) for two. I am pretty sure that at this point at least 50 % of my wardrobe are 2nd hand  haha :-D I just think it's cool to have unique and different pieces!

This morning I went for a long walk and after that I made some oatmeal pancakes. Let me just say that I have found a new favourite breakfast! The recepie I used can be found from here. It's healthy and nutritious recepie and tastes like heaven! I put some apples and syrup on the top. yummy!!

Anyway that's all for now and have a nice week everyone ☺

Current book I'm reading: In abundance of Katherines by John Green
Current favourite track: Strange birds by Birdy

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  1. Why do you write in English? You have some English readers? Or jsut wanna improve your skills?

    1. I've been thinking whether I should or shouldn't continue writing in English. When I switched my posting language to English my main idea was to welcome international readers since some people are finding my blog through lookbook. Also I like writing in English and yes I thought it could be a good practise for the future. So yeah I might or might not switch back to Finnish sometime this year but let's see. I figured that most Finns are able to read this kind of basic English so it wouldn't be a problem for my readers. :)