16. marraskuuta 2013

Love city x2

Hey guys! Long time no see!! I don't know what's going on with my computer but I haven't been able to upload any photos here :( (I'm now using my brother's computer while he's away x)) Anyway I just came back to Finland yesterday after spending the most amazing week in England with my dear friend Emmi. I flew to London Gatwick airport last Friday. I traveled for almost 18 hours but it was nothing compared to the joy I felt when I finally saw Emmi after three months apart! We took a train to London early next morning and went to Borough market. We bought some mulled wine which was super delicious!!! It tastes a bit like Finnish Glögi and reminded me of Christmas. We spent three days in London and let me just say that they were physically really exhausting days but I loved every minute! Brick Lane was adorable with its cute vintage shops and super stylish people! I also loved walking around in Covent Garden and all the nice cafes we went to (which we did  a LOT :D). We even went to the Catching Fire movie premiere in Leicester square but didn't really see anything from where we were. It was still cool to see all the stars live even if it was only from a screen. This as my second trip to London was a bit different but as wonderful as my last one! I simply love London. BUT London wasn't even the highlight of my last week. On Tuesday the day of Vampire Weekend concert in Birmingham had finally arrived. It was held at the National Indoor Arena and I was expecting a long queue when we arrived there about three hours before the doors were to open. It turned out that British people don't do that and it hadn't occurred to me that the concert was during the school week so obviously everybody was still at school. We were a but confused at first but then we met some other people who were coming to the concert and finally found the right spot to queue. We were one of the first people there. While waiting for the doors to open we had enough time to chat with these people and (hi there if you guys are reading this :D) they were such a nice company! With new friends the whole concert experience was even better and it was definitely one of the best nights of my life (plus we were in the front row)! Noah and the whale and Vampire weekend were super awesome live and I'm sure I'll go see them again if I ever get the chance. We spend the next day at Birmingham doing a little shopping and sitting at cafes. We were kinda tired so we took earlier train back to Coventry. We flew back to Finland together in the Thursday evening and stayed the night at Helsinki airport (which truly was a weird experience haha!).All in all I enjoyed my little trip and I wouldn've wanted to leave the UK but I'm sure I'll go back next summer at latest!

I'll post some more pictures later!! x

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